Fr. Brad Doyle

Fr. Brad is a priest of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He hopes that Coffee Talk is a fun and enlightening encounter between the ancient faith and the modern world. 

We Don't Believe Dat - 2

Wedding Unity Candle

A Good Death

The Old and New of Church Doctrine


What's up with Purgatory?


Tattoos and Piercings


"We Don't Believe Dat" - 1

Rhythm of Prayer

You Can Do It But Should You

The Death Penalty

The Reason You Should Attend Mass

Jesus Had Brothers and Sisters

Is the Mass Too Formal?

The Bachelor Party

What type of movies should we watch and Fr. Brad's top picks.

I'm a Married Priest

Language in the Mass

The Makings of a Good Song

Dealing with Suicide

Naked People in Church

To Drink or Not to Drink

How everyone can be against abortion using common sense

Do you have to choose between faith and science?