LAUDATO SI' - Pope Francis' Encyclical letter on care for our common home

In his most recent Encyclical letter, Pope Francis places ecology firmly within Catholic social teaching. He proclaims that all who believe in God and all people of good will have an obligation to take steps to mitigate climate change, clean the land and the seas, and start treating all of creation with respect and concern.  LAUDATO SI' 


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Mass of Thanksgiving for Redemptorist High School

Join Catholiclife Television and the Diocese of Baton Rouge for a Mass of Thanksgiving for Redemptorist High School, as we honor and celebrate its 68 years of Catholic Education. Here on Catholiclife Television.

Program Dates & Times

Tuesday, July 28 - 9:30a Thursday, July 30 - 2:30p
Wednesday, July 29 - 2:30a Saturday, August 1 - 6:30a


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Catholic Connections - New Show!

Join host Erika Guiberteau, as she partners with The Catholic Commentator to highlight the unique personalities, engaging stories and relevant issues that impact our Diocese, our state, and our faith. Stay connected with Catholic Connections, right here on Catholiclife Television!  Learn More 



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Active Catholics is Back - All New Episodes!

Active Catholics, hosted and produced by Jerry Sticker is back! With all new episodes, this faith filled series follows the lives of Catholics active in faith, sports and community. This is the Catholic answer to ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series, and the line-up is inspiring.  Learn More 


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