Beacons of Light

Beacons of Light - New Season Celebrating the 150 Year Anniversary of SVdP

Join Beacons of Light host Michael Acaldo, as he celebrates the 150 year anniversary of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul. With all new episodes, Michael introduces us to the staff and volunteers of SVdP, who work tirelessly to ensure Fr. Cyril Delacroix's original mission of reaching out to those in need remains true today. He will also highlight some of the incredible programs and services SVdP provides our community, and give us a look behind the scenes to what's in store for the next 150 years! Right here, on Catholiclife Television.   

Beacons of Light - New 150 Anniversary Season

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New Series! All Things are Possible - The Joy of The Gospel

Find hope and inspiration with John Michael Talbot's new series All Things Are Possible - The Joy of the Gospel. Through his unique style of praise and song, the "Troubadour for the Lord," provides a practical and faith filled roadmap to guide you along your Christian walk.

All Things are Possible - The Joy of The Gospel

Tuesday @ 7:30a Friday @ 7:30a
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