Baton Rouge Catholic Men's Conference 2018 - A Call to Battle

By Christ’s universal call to holiness, we as men, pledge to unite and build up other men to become models of faith in the family, the workplace, the church, and the community.


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Beacons of Light:

Michael Acaldo hosts Beacons of Light highlighting the many wonderful ministries of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Baton Rouge. 

Beacons of Light airs at the following times:

Sunday @ 3p Monday @ 7p
Tuesday @ 1p Wednesday @ 9p
Saturday @ 8p  

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Truth & Lies:

TRUTH & LIES explores the lies promulgated by secular society and the Truth found in Jesus Christ. The series hits upon the pressing issues of today, including abortion, marriage, chastity, co-habitation, faith and science, and so much more!

Truth & Lies airs at the following times:

Sunday @ 11p Tuesday @ 7:30a
Thursday @ 1:30p Friday @ 7p
Saturday @ 3p  


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Mary My Mother:

There is no other woman in history with a greater impact than the Virgin Mary. Discover the Blessed Mother in a whole new way in MARY, MY MOTHER, through personal testimonies, songs, Marian apparitions, and so much more.

Mary My Mother airs at the following times:

Sunday @ 2:30p Monday @ 9:30p
Tuesday @ 6:30a Wednesday @ 11:30a
Friday @ 9p  

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The series is hosted by the author of True Radiance, Lisa Mladinich and her co-hosts, Andrea Vasquez and Christie Young. The show brings the vocation, spirituality and dignity of woman to the forefront with relatable topics and stories of accomplished Catholic women from around the world.

 Woman airs at the following times:

Monday @ 5:30a Tuesday @ 11:30a
Wednesday @ 12:30a & 8:30p Thursday @ 1p
Friday @ 6:30p  

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Catholic Life:

Join Catholic Life host Deacon Jodi Moscona, as he talks with ordinary people with extraordinary faith in the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Hear the testimonies of other's faith journeys that have deepened their relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ and the life of the church. 

Catholic Life airs at the following times:

Sunday @ 12p Monday @ 8p
Tuesday @ 7a Wednesday @ 11p
Friday @ 8:30p  


This Week On CLTV

  • Roots of Faith:
    Holy People - Holy Places
    Topic: Katherine Drexel Part 1 with Guest Sr. Mary Ann Stachow


  • Beacons of Light
    Episode: “Provide Shelter" with Guests Fr. Alello, Cary Kearny, Laura Martinez & Penny Johnson