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  • Catholic Schools Opening - 2020

    Catholic Schools Opening - 2020

    Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Baton Rouge Opening in Early August

    Start dates for all diocesan, parochial and private schools which are part of the Catholic schools district are listed on the Catholic Schools Office website at
    Schools began communicating this week with faculty, staff and parents outlining the specifics of each school’s plan to open.
    Protocols are being tailored to each school’s individual needs. There is no “one size fits all” protocol, though all schools must follow guidelines set by the Louisiana Department of Education. These include the maximum number of people in a classroom to assure proper space for social distancing.
    School officials have been getting advice from consultants from Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, who are visiting each school and offering recommendations on things like classroom configurations, how to address recess and lunch and best practices for walking the hallway between classes.
    School start and end times will be determined by each school, with an attempt to keep those times as normal as possible. Schools may have to stagger intake times to help parents with carpool traffic if public school bus service is not immediately available because of the pandemic.
    Protocols for students entering school buildings will vary, but all schools will have a method verifying each student is entering a healthy space. Parents might have to log into the school’s app in the morning and answer a series of health-related questions. Some schools could possibly have daily temperature checks of all students.
    Recess will also have a different look as students will not be allowed to play on the equipment or engage in any contact sports. Lunches will either be delivered to the classroom so students can eat at their desks, or lunches will be grab-and-go, with students either returning to the class to eat or perhaps eating outside in picnic style, depending on the weather.
    Some Louisiana public school systems are offering online class options, but Catholic schools in our diocese will partner directly with parents on such requests. It is important for students to have social interaction at school for their holistic development, so the ideal is for students to return to classrooms and develop relationships with teachers and their peers. However, if a need arises that warrants online learning support, Catholic schools are ready to consider that as a solution for individual situations.

  • Men of the Immaculata

    Men of the Immaculata

    A Call to Battle: What is Truth?

    The 2020 Conference featured keynote speakers, Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM and Mr. Jeff Cavins. A final talk by Father Mark Beard sent us forth, renewed in the Spirit.


  • In Defense of Mother Church

    In Defense of Mother Church

    Bishop Fulton Sheen once made a statement, “over the period of my life I have met about 200 people who absolutely detest The Church and about 2 million people, who have misunderstood Her”! Since the time of his talk shows, the aforementioned numbers have only grown in disparity. The same topics that plague peoples misunderstandings of Mother Church back in the time of Bishop Sheen, are still in play today. These topics range from the beginnings of Mother Church, to Peter & the Apostolic Succession, Statues within Churches, intercessory prayers and last, but surely not least, purgatory. I pray that you find these videos helpful. Moreover, I hope they bring clarity to the teachings of His Church and why She is so important to our Salvation.

    - Fr. Mike Beard


  • Watch Mass Live on YouTube and Facebook

    Watch Mass Live on YouTube and Facebook


    Catholic Life Television will be streaming daily mass at 8am and Sunday mass at 10:30am LIVE on our YouTube Channel. You can also view a live stream on our Facebook Page. Catholic Life Television can be seen in the greater Baton Rouge area on Cox Cable channel 15, in the Hammond area on Spectrum/Charter Cable channel 198, St. Jame Civil Parish on Spectrum/Charter Cable channel 10 and in New Roads on Fidelity Cable channel 14.


  • African American Candidates for Sainthood

    African American Candidates for Sainthood


    Members of several Catholic groups are uniting their efforts in New Orleans as they push to strengthen the case for canonizing five African Americans. The event is to pray for the saint causes of the six African-American candidates already in progress as well as any future candidates. The six candidates include Mother Henriette De Lille of New Orleans, Pierre Toussaint of New York, Mary Elizabeth Lange of Baltimore, Father Tolton, Julie Greeley of Denver and Sister Thea Bowman of Canton, Mississippi.


  • Rite of Election March 1, 2020

    Rite of Election March 1, 2020


    Baptized and non-baptized individuals attended a welcoming ceremony March 1st at St. Joseph Cathedral in Baton Rouge. Bishop Michael Duca celebrated the Rite of Election of Catechumens and The Call to Continuing Conversion of Candidates, one held at 1 p.m. and the other at 4:30 p.m. The candidates and catechumens will enter the church at the Easter Vigil Masses on April 11 in church parishes throughout the Diocese of Baton Rouge.






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